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ECOShot Relax + Hemp Shot – 25mg - 2oz

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ECOShot Relax + Hemp is an extra strength hemp extract that is designed to help you wind down from your hectic day. ECOShot Relax + Hemp does not contain melatonin and is not designed as a sleep aid. It is a unique hemp extract with essential vitamins and minerals to help you relax after a long day. Contains NO THC.

Size: One 2 ounce bottle

Strength: Approximately 25+mg of active CBD in each bottle.

Calories: 5 calories

Flavor: Grape

Form: Isolate

Blend: ECOShot Relax + Hemp blend contains, but not limited to, GABA, kava, L-theanine, and other essential vitamins.

Usage: This is a hemp extract relax shot and is design for the evening, night, or just a lazy day around the house.