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Excelso Colombian Supremo Coffee - 250mg - 8 oz Bag

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Green Roads Excelso Colombian Supremo Gourmet CBD coffee infused with 250mg CBD. This delicious CBD Coffee beverage is a medium bodied with medium acidity and the aroma of Caramel, Chocolate and Vanilla. Green Roads CBD coffee is made in America and developed by a licensed pharmacist with over 20+ years of experience. If you are new to CBD, this 8 oz bag of CBD coffee is a perfect place to start. The coffee beans are grown in the Caldas Colombia region at an elevation of 2500 FT - 4000 Ft. This delicious high grade gourmet CBD coffee is so rich and aromatic it will surely be your favorite brew.


CBD infused grounds and 100% industrial grade
Organic Hemp.

Brewing Suggestions:

Step 1: Start with CBD infused coffee by Green Roads

Step 2: Use fresh. cold water. Avoid using distilled or soft water. Chilled, pure spring water will enhance the the flavor of the coffee during the brewing process.

Step 3: Use the correct amount of coffee

  • Use 2 level tablespoons of CBD infused Coffee per 6 oz of water
  • Adjust Tablespoons according to taste.

Step 5: Brew the CBD infused Coffee in your coffee mand enjoy hot or cold.

The CBD in this luxurious gourmet coffee is made from 100% organic HEMP & infused solvent Free. Green Roads leads the industry and is proud to provide CBD . the highest quality grade cannabidiol ingredients that contain the highest quality cannabidiol and natural ingredients, rich in all the beneficial cannabinoids of the hemp plant. Green Roads produces the safest, cleanest and purest CBD extract available today.