Bhang CBD Chocolate Edibles

The Bhang team brings together their love of chocolate and CBD in the most awarded line of cannabinoid chocolate bars available in the world. Developed by a Master Chocolatier with 25+ years of chocolate-making experience, these artisan bars pair the best in Venezuelan Criollo cacao with adventurous flavors and high-quality, lab-tested, CO2-extracted cannabis oil. Bhang chocolate bars, World Cup Best Edible winner & six-time Cannabis Cup award-winners, are available in milk, vegan dark and white chocolate in a variety of gourmet flavors, sizes, and potencies. Loyal fans of Bhang across the country report they are thrilled with the consistency and premium quality of Bhang Chocolate. Bhang uses responsibly-sourced, child-labor-free cacao grown and harvested with sustainable farming methods.